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A reformation of the 1920’s company is a unique and exquisite experience of kitchen & bath accessories appliance and furniture. We present a wide range of kitchen sinks, hoods & hobs, PVC vanities, furniture. It’s a pleasure to introduce a satisfactory product range to our valued customers straight from china & Pakistan. Cosmos excels in meeting the upcoming challenges of new utility experiences as work keeps our customers first. Nevertheless, we will provide you the best quality at your desirable rates. Our products are. Cosmo Shop has been providing the kitchen appliances for residential and commercial use. As the company spend significant time in extravagance kitchen items, we work straightforwardly with manufacturing to guarantee that unquestionably the most recent and best items are made accessible through our website.


Why Choose Us?


We source our stock directly so we can offer the cheapest prices and cut out the middle man. We only sell original products and not copies or fakes.


Most of our products are in stock ready to ship or collect the same day you order. We only sell direct to customers and not list other buyers/dealers` products on our website.


We want you to have peace of mind when you purchase from us so we would offer to replace your faulty product within the warranty period and not attempt to repair it


We have a team of dedicated advisers who are experts in products listed and are ready to give expert advice about your needs and recommend the right product for you



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